iWelcome acquires UNLOQ to enhance Identity Platform with MFA technology

iWelcome, the leading European Identity & Access Management as-a-service (IDaaS) vendor, today announced it has acquired Multi Factor Authentication software and technologies from UNLOQ. This technology acquisition is an important step in consolidating iWelcome’s position as worldwide product leader in Identity & Access Management for B2C and B2B scenarios and supporting enterprise customers’ frictionless digital strategies.

UNLOQ is a privately held provider of distributed authentication and authorisation systems that secures access to apps and portals without requiring users to remember any passwords. Besides multiple ways to authenticate, it also offers transaction authorisation and an enterprise level of encryption. iWelcome acquired the UNLOQ MFA authentication app as well as the advanced and fine-grained mobile technology that UNLOQ built.

UNLOQ’s authentication technology provides new capabilities to iWelcome’s enterprise customers, that typically serve their external users in B-to-C and B-to-B use cases, granting access to online services and apps. “UNLOQ brings technical skills and expertise in the field of Multi Factor and Passwordless Authentication that will be used in our platform to solidify our B2B and B2B2C delegation capabilities,” said Danny de Vreeze, founder and CEO of iWelcome. “Our 2FA authenticator will become the default option for power users that access privacy sensitive data such as customer care center operators, administrators and business delegates that grant other users access to company applications. We offer the app completely branded, and it features a simple push and swipe function for maximum user-friendliness.”

By way of the acquisition, iWelcome will be not only be able to offer its enterprise customers ready-to-use authentication tooling, but the acquired technologies will also be used to further develop the platform. Mircea Patachi, CEO of UNLOQ, explains: “We are very excited about joining iWelcome. With the addition of the UNLOQ mobile technology we will accelerate iWelcome’s execution for  handling push-and-swipe access requests and auditable just-in-time and progressive consent approval.”

The former UNLOQ team is joining iWelcome in its entirety and features a strong background in UI/UX design. These skills and capacity will be used to further enhance and streamline iWelcome’s configuration experience for customers and implementation partners.