BioSig-ID Partners with Mitek to Enable Digital Identity Proofing for Fast and Secure Gesture Biometric Enrollment

Mitek and BioMetric Signature ID™ (BSI) have announced that Mitek will provide identity verification for the BioProof-ID authentication solution, ensuring that gestural biometrics are assigned to the correct person during the enrollment process.

Historically, the challenge with biometric authentication has been how to ensure that the generated biometric profile is assigned to the actual account owner. While biometrics themselves are unique and offer high-levels of security assurance, adding identity document verification to the process creates a more comprehensive solution that ensures that the person enrolling is the intended end user.  Mitek’s technology will be used to verify the individual’s real-world identity as part of the BioSig-ID enrollment process. This partnership solution links BSI’s gesture technology to a real person without a break in the identity verification process, creating a more streamlined approach.

Through this partnership, Mitek’s Mobile Verify will be a key component of BioProof-ID’s authentication process. Using patented science, Mobile Verify confirms users’ identities by digitally validating the authenticity of government issued identity documents presented during the enrollment process.  It adds a second layer of identity verification with sophisticated biometric face comparison algorithms that automatically compare the portrait extracted from the identity document with a selfie; proving that the person submitting the ID document is its rightful owner.  

“BioSig-ID offers innovative biometric solutions that protect sensitive digital records, especially in industries like education, healthcare and banking,” said Michael Nelson, Vice President of Identity at Mitek North America. “We’re excited to partner with a company at the forefront of biometric authentication who ensures the onboarding process is secure and seamless.”

“Unlike other forms of authentication, BSI’s gesture-based biometrics solution allows users to verify their identity with unique markers that can’t be shared, hacked or replicated,” said Jeff Maynard, CEO, President and Founder, Biometric Signature ID. “By partnering with Mitek, we’re taking identity verification a step further by providing our customers with an extra level of security and trust, while ensuring BSI’s digital onboarding process remains simple, reliable and effective.”