Howard Berg of Gemalto gives his prediction for a global shift towards digital identification systems in 2019

Howard Berg, Gemalto International SAS, January 2012

The meshing of the physical and digital world will bring significant changes to how we think about our identities. In 2019 we’ll see a global shift towards digital identification systems, driven by banks, mobile operators, OEMs, service providers and governments.

Digital identity is the technological link between a physical being such as a person and their multiple digital entities used for identification in the virtual world. It includes a collection of electronically captured and stored identity attributes including biographic and biometric data, and something the person has—like a smartphone—that can uniquely describe a person within a given context.

Verifying all these identity attributes creates a trusted digital ID, which could in theory be used to securely log into any online service. Trusted digital IDs will become more widely adopted in 2019 and will play a key role in enabling connected living. From providing easy access to financial services and payment authentication through to enabling online voting and better social services, digital identities will drive service innovation at scale leading to a long term vision where we have a single secure digital identity mirroring our single physical identity that we can use in all our interactions.

Howard Berg, Gemalto International SAS, January 2012
Howard Berg, Gemalto

Author: Howard Berg, Senior Vice President at Gemalto