New rules on cross-border use of electronic IDs should be applied in the EU as of tomorrow

Starting from tomorrow, 29 September, the EU-wide legislation on the electronic identification (eIDAS Regulation)will take effect. It will enable cross-border recognition of the electronic IDs (eID) and allow EU citizens and businesses to access online services even if they are from a different Member State. This includes the possibilities to file tax returns online, create remotely a bank account or a company, enrol in schools and access personal medical records online, while guaranteeing the highest standards for personal data protection.

As from tomorrow, the EU countries will be legally obliged to recognise national eID systems from other EU country, which have already notified and comply with the eIDAS Regulation. Germany and Italy have completed their notification procedure, Luxembourg, Spain, Croatia and Estonia are about to complete the process, while Belgium, Portugal and the UK have also started it. Using eIDs cross-border can save European businesses and administrations more than €11 billion per year. The EU-wide eID is also essential for cross-border application of the “once only” principle reducing significantly administrative burden for all, as there would be no need for submitting the same information to public administrations more than once.

Further information on eIDAS and measures taken in various EU countries on eIDs is available here.