Ping Identity Presents Telstra and Versent with “Better Together” Honor in Customer Identity Excellence Awards Program

Ping Identity has announced that Telstra and Versent have been named the winners of its 2018 Customer Identity Excellence Awards Program in the “Better Together” category. The Better Together recognised customers and partners for working together as a team to embrace identity security in unique and meaningful ways. The State of Colorado and ID DataWeb also were recognised for their achievements with a “runner up” honor. 

Winner: Telstra and Versent

The “Better Together” award recognises Telstra and Versent for their successful partnership in deploying a customer-driven IAM system. Through its collaboration with Versent, Telstra is automating the full suite of Ping Identity products to reinvent its identity experience for customers. Telstra is rapidly onboarding services, while also maintaining integrations with legacy solutions, and replacing disjointed customer experiences with a new, customer-first solution. Its new IAM system fosters better familiarity, trust and adoption with its customers.

Runner Up: State of Colorado and ID DataWeb

The State of Colorado and ID DataWeb were honored in the “Better Together” category for leveraging Ping as a fully integrated platform for a new mobile experience for Coloradans. Once launched, the State of Colorado will be on the cutting edge of using digital identity in public services, with everything from personally identifiable information (PII) verification to geolocation services and ongoing device risk evaluation.

“We’re excited to celebrate Telstra/Versent and State of Colorado/ID DataWeb in the Better Together category,” said Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity. “Today, consumers expect more cohesive support from the vendors they work with, and it’s nice to see these organisations step up and not only excel, but also deliver great experiences to the industry.”