EEMA 2018: How Can You Build Trust in Artificial Intelligence?


The question of society’s trust in Artificial Intelligence (AI) was raised at EEMA’s Annual Conference today in a Track entitled, ‘How artificial intelligence contributes to effective transformation’. 

The audience heard a variety of different views on this broad subject from speakers Michael Shamah, Cultural Heritage Consultant at EJ Consultants, Mark Tindal, Consultant at Contact Centre Systems and Dr Huma Shah, Senior Lecturer in Trust in Artificial Intelligence at Coventry University.

Michael Shamah explained how the Digital Age is just the latest development in society’s evolution and is as significant as the Industrial Revolution. He also explained that technology can be a significant driver in both prosperity and conflict, warning that history needs to be examined to avoid its potential pitfalls.

Mark Tindal focussed on the potential for AI to revolutionise the Contact Centre industry but warned that like the Industrial Revolution there may be fears that new technology could be viewed as a threat to jobs. He also suggested that any deployment needs to be mindful of all the interested parties.

Dr Huma Shah gave the perspective as an academic of AI and also from the needs of a busy university campus. She reminded the audience that universities face similar business challenges to many other industries and that AI systems could offer similar savings in terms of time and resources.

Chair Steve Kessler, of 3Ten Consulting encouraged the audience to consider who benefits from AI and how a criminal could potentially misuse an AI system.

EEMA’s Annual Conference runs from Wednesday 13th to Thursday 14th June in London.