EEMA 2018: Annual Conference Examines the Opportunities and Threats from GDPR

The opportunities and threats following the implementation of GDPR were a key topic at EEMA’s 31st Annual Conference in London on Wednesday 13th June. The Track, entitled ‘GDPR Applied to Process Transformation – the opportunities and threats’, came to the conclusion that there will be considerable benefits for organisations that embrace the rules and spirit of the legislation

Chair Carolyn Harrison, Director at Assured Clarity, introduced presentations from Julian Ranger, Exec Chairman & Founder of and Richard Gomer, Chief Scientist at Consentua. Ranger told the audience that whilst there may be a perception that GDPR will limit the collection of data, it will in fact mean that personal information will be of a higher quality and accuracy when obtained directly from the individual themselves.

Gomer discussed the issues of effectively obtaining consent and the necessity going forwards for business systems to show how this was obtained. His presentation also discussed GDPR’S stipulation that business processes need to respect the individual’s decision to withdraw this consent.

The session also discussed the apparent confusion over the implementation and requirements of GDPR and the connotations for CCTV monitoring in public places.

EEMA’s Annual Conference runs from Wednesday 13th June to Thursday 14th June 2018.